The Light Works occupies a distinct triangular shaped site, bound by terraced properties on two sides, with a railway line running along the south. The site was previously occupied by a neglected car workshop which resulted in poor visual amenity for the neighbouring residential occupiers.

LPA developed a high quality, contextual, residential scheme for seven new homes, which is sensitive to its neighbouring context whilst providing a catalyst for change for this neglected area.

The Light Works makes reference to Brocks Fireworks, a famous firework company who were based locally to the site during the mid-19th Century. Inspired by the world famous light exhibitions at nearby Crystal Palace Park, which created explosions of patterns and visual interest against the night’s sky the golden metal detailing of The Light Works explodes upwards and outwards from the two-storey brick form, as though a firework has punctured through from the centre of the site.

Whilst making a direct reference to the history of the area the metal mesh also allows for diffused light to secondary windows and prevents overlooking to ensure privacy to neighbouring properties, their associated amenity space as well as future occupiers

The proposal transforms the backland site, enhancing the appearance and character of the area through its sensitive use of high-quality materials, detailing, subordinate scale and mass.